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Have you seen what fire does to ice?

I've seen what water does to fire...
I'm glad to report that due to the generosity to one of my watchers, my capacity to work on my projects has been dramatically boosted! Small-scene (not shader heavy) images are rendering in under half an hour... So I'm kinda crapping my pants over that! I'm really going to mess with the settings and see what I can get, I still notice graininess/sandiness in my images using Iray and it drives me crazy! I'm growing ever more jealous of beautifully crystal-clear renders... This may prompt some research into other rendering engines now that I can run DAZ on two computers!

I've been in a dark place, not quite out yet and I think it shows in my work... I'm trying not to go full-on depression with The Genesis Incident. It's a dark story but it sort of gets lighter in the end. I'm struggling with translating what I write on paper to digital format. It's like my brain just doesn't want to work with a keyboard and mouse sometimes! I'm not that old! I have over 50 pages of notes, scenes, dialogue, plot points and mini story arcs *just* for Chapter 2... I'm great at writing this stuff but I'm lacking when it comes to molding it! D:

Genesis: Chapter 2... that's going to take some time, mostly because I want to pay attention to detail. I'm not making the next Akira manga but hopefully one day...! Chapter 2 is sitting at a fat 5 scenes, maybe 6 and I can't really cut them up into smaller chapters, it'll just be a bursting, pregnant chapter!

That being the case I feel inclined to write a small comic and test out the new work space.

Perhaps another Tale from the Coin Spinner...
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My GTS fans need not despair... ATHENA is coming!
HNNGHH!! xD I gotta week to prep for the biggest gig of my life I think! I feel like a prince again!
Small break from updates here but no need for worry due to my freakouts! Perfectly normal I'm told... by abnormal people though! ahgad!
I tried my heart out on something tonight. I failed. Again.
Rendering frame 0 of 179.. My first animation test! I'm rushing but I have to test some things! MAD SCIENCE!


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tanap Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
Have a happy New Year
TheForgottenColdKing Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Student Artist
I'll update soon.
tanap Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016
Happy After Halloween.
TheForgottenColdKing Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student Artist
Almost... there...
TheForgottenColdKing Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Student Artist
Sorry guys, not very happy with my work.
TheForgottenColdKing Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Student Artist
Epilogue 1... HD images... Bad idea...
tanap Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2016
Just a Tag. Good work on your last one. Off to SLCC. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
TheForgottenColdKing Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016  Student Artist
Definitely not rushing through the last part of Coin Spinner 2, getting nervous as I get closer to completing it also! (ahgad!) Few more days perhaps? This should be my biggest one yet ( around 30 pages at the moment, but I think some pages may be combined or broken up still ) - kinda not what I had intended... I didn't want to spend too much time from Genesis chapter 2 but I *think* this Coin Spinner episode may be some fun for us TG types! I tell ya, managing four characters in a single small space for the entire story was a little stupid on my part!

Don't fret that I've not uploaded any images lately, I've been grinding out this comic every day and not every image I've rendered is perfect (I try!) - I don't think it's a big deal for the most part but when you commit so much time into manufacturing a comic that tells the story of 2 people changing into the opposite sex due to the odd magical properties inherent in a magical coin I often question if I know what the hell it is I'm doing! 
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